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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I am packing my suitcase to leave for a 4 day trip to UTAH! A dear friend is picking up her grandson there and wanted some company, so I am the luckey company because-I have never been to UTAH! ~~ and it just so happens to be the weekend of THE ANNUAL QUILT WALK~which means I will be the most fortunate observer of some of the most talented Quilt artists on the PLANET!~ not to mention surrounded by Gods Amazing Natural creation of THE BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK! My camera is quivering in its case-i purchase a small stockpile of double AA batteries in preperation for this Visual Feast! Lots of last minute errands to do -no fun in the sweltering heat-but by this time tommorow I will be surrounded by Mother Natures MAjesty of Red Rock formations and crisp clean air. I wish i could blog from there-but it wont be a possibility so i will of course share the journey as soon as I return.

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