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Monday, June 05, 2006

right writing ~ WRONG BLOG!

Holy crackers! My last 2 posts here ended up on my new blog ! I am afraid I will have to give fliker a try-I just have hundreds of pictures already hosted on PICASO- and uploading is very time consuming because I am on DIAL-UP* There is no HIGH SPEED available in the DESERT-yet The Rose is from my Birthday bouquet and for COREY~ my dear blog friend in far away FRANCE, who's amazing writing is always filled with Love~
Jack is finally recovering from an awful auto-immune allergy condition that had him itching and scratching himself to the point of multiple wounds .
IT manifested primarily above the neck and you can see the bald spots on the bridge of his nose. You can read more about it on TBB my new blog just click the BIG ORANGE button- the posts are not intended to be there but now that they are - they will stay untill i am open for BARTERING!
ITs nice to share =) Jack got the icing off my candles which is eqivilent to licking the spoons from the frosting batter.  Posted by Picasa

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