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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thrift~ Barter ~ Buy* TBB~ OPENING June 17 2006

Finally , my vision of a BLOG filled with with Thrift Store Goodies constantly changing and growing has come to fruition. My intention is for EVERY ONE to get their hands on those Retro and Vintage Items they long for; but, either Cannot find, or even more commenly-Do NOT have the time to find. I on the other hand, consider myself a semi-professional THRIFTER and I am dam proud of it!
Because I have come to Love SWAPS more then Chritsmas- I hope that any item can be "Bartered" or Swapped for. Id love to create one constantly moving circle of thrift items finding their right owners, while I receive in return anything (hopefully handmade) of fair value, in exchange for the desired item. Of course if anyone wants to just purchase an item that will be the last option, because I believe EVERY ONE has SOMETHING WONDERFUL to TRADE . Oh, my heart pitter patters with joy just writing this to all of you!
Now to explain the picture. This is myself (far right) holding treasured items given me by my gracious Grandma during a visit some 36 years ago. Oh, how i wish i still had the CUPIE DOLL! In the middle is my eldest sister Jeanne, who upon closer looking is knitting! I have no recollection of her ever doing this, but it obviousley greatly influeced my subconscious mind. Check out the Retro Material her Pajama gown is made out of! My younger sister Carolyn is wearing the same Fab Retro PajamaGown and holding one very large Baby Doll.
I picked this photo as I feel it reflects my life long love for old treasures.
So, Dear Blog friends~ SPREAD THE WORD! Hopefully my cool TBB buttons will be working so you can grab one and share it with other Thrift Loving Friends, familiy, strangers on the subway, Women in the grocery line, the mailman-heck just absolutely anyone you know is just waiting for that one item that has been hurdling through the universe waiting to find them.
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