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Saturday, July 07, 2007

In THe Shelter of a Friend Friday

In THe Shelter of a Friend Friday
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we took a 2 minute walk around the ranch to prevent complete cabin fever. As I was checking a doves nest, I turned to find One-Eyed-Captain-JAck-Sparrow, sheltering his Love -LAdy =)

Well....I can report that all post menopausal women I know have been forced into seclusion by these outrageous temperatures. The men folk; of our village, on the other hand,- stare blankly back at us when we say " Honey , people DIE golfing in these temperatures."
It seems light years away since the publication of Men Are From Mars, Women are From Venus. I can report at the wise age of 45 that the author of that book Joel something or another, was indeeed, absolutely correct..
Fortunately the beloved foursome all returned safely home , just a shade tanner, relaxed and attentive, as they always do, after a solid 18 hole round of golf.

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