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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Our Desert has yet to hear Mother Nature's Call To Fall~

Hello Dear friends.
I have been busier than usual with fixing up mi casa, Hospice volunteering, traveling, being sick, sicker, now semi sick with a resistant sinus infection. I will spare you the details. Who wants to come to a blog and listen to the details of chronic sinus issues. Suffice to say, many days of my life the past 2 months have been similar to the portrayals on commercials for sinus medicines. This is new to me and NO- I do not handle feeling like crud gracefully.

I have also spent a significant amount of time trying to reload pictures we were able to save when my hard drive bit the dust in July. I am sad to know so many are gone forever. The lesson here being -BACK EVERYTHING IMPORTANT UP ONCE A WEEK.

I have also discovered Fliker and am relying on the fact that if I meet another technical demise in the future, at least my precious photos will exits in the magical picture host in the universe of the WWW.

It is safe to say at this time that my wonderful Thrift Barter Buy will exist over on my Fliker account. Just leave a message, or email me regarding any item you would like to 'BARTER" or "SWAP' for.
A dear friend of mine would like me to be her cohort in hosting a booth at a local antique mall. I will keep you posted on this.
I am living Fall vicariously through man of your beautiful blog posts. It was 103 here today and all I can say is UGH! I ask you all to keep another friend in your thoughts and prayers. Dana, 44, has just completed 2 months of Chemo for matastesized breast cancer. Her surgery is schedule for this Monday.
Life is so fragile and precious. May we all be present and open in every moment of everyday .

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