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Thursday, June 29, 2006

A stroke Of Genius!

So as I have previousley mentioned,- we had some unexpected visitors the other night which meant immediate emergency (CLEAR ALL THE TBB STUFF STREWN ALL OVER THE LIVING ROOM AND DINING ROOM ) asap! I started running in and out of said craft studio carrying a handful of items at a time-but, - it was not fast enough! Then, (as it so rarely occurs these days_) My heat cooked-estrogen deficient brain had a stroke of GENIUS!!...... Grabbing the laundry basket- I 'not so carefully' started stacking items into it and stacking them in our HUGE armoire we got off the Craig's list 6 months ago.
SO, when Mr BOb arrived home he asked-"hey honey "
"where did all your stuff go?"
Shhhhh... don't tell him...he watches the other TV in the kitchen.
I answered--"ohhhhh...you'll see....eventually! =)
Pretty clever move on my part DONTCHA think??
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