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Monday, August 22, 2005


It has been almost four weeks since my last post, so... Bless me Father for i have sinned. Travel to and from multiple destinations, has left me frazzled and not certain of where my clean underwear are - fricking frustrating!!! I purchased 4 new pair - only to find my original supply in the outer pocket of suitcase number two.! Dammed if i know How or Why it is there! I am in a holding pattern awaiting a major life altering decision. Much more waiting and I may not make it . Ok > I know i will make it , it just does'nt fee l tha t way . The typing program in "posting " is doing weird things, like not allowing me to hit enter, to end a sentence and begin a new sentence at left allignment.. Well... it flows right along with the overall feeling that I am tumbling around inside a dryer, not knowing the length of my cycle, and guessing someone failed to press the WRINKLE FREE feature.......... Perhaps tomorrow will bring some clarity

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