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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Mischievious Jack ON HIS OWN!!1

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SO the pet sitter fell through. The only dog kennel in town is full, and we leave for a 4 day golf tourney tomorrow. JACK, will be on his own for two days.
We have play visits lined up, but if you knew jack you would understand my concern.

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If I had a BLOG TUTOR to teach me how to link old posts to new posts, you could read Jack's journey into our family. He was the runt and only male in a litter of seven other females, one of whom accidentally severed his cornea with her paw>thus his naming by my daughter>
One more signifigant trait > JACK IS BALLESS- yes he has no balls! He cannot impregnant a female;however it does not prevent him from being constantly horny. This also leads to dominant behavior. Jack doesnt mean to be hurtful, its just that he gets..uh..well..excited and turns into what can best be described as INSANE!!!!
Our veterenarien is going to evaluate jack again mid june to see if any balls have appeared; but if not, he may have to take medication. Who would have thought? I didnt even know this was possible.
Well..send lots of calming energy Captain Jack Sparrows way... I will be sipping ice cold Coronas to stave off the urge to hop the redeye back to Palm Springs and home to my Captain Jack Sparrow

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