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Thursday, October 11, 2007

almost 2

Sadie Sunshine Wishing You A Sensational Saturday!
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still have yet to get it together over on typepad with my new blog!

Like everyone else- life is so full and busy-filled with BLESSINGS-such as REALIZING IT IS ALMOST 2 YEARS SINCE THIS ANGEL ARRIVED ON EARTH!

My wonderful sister keeps me updated with wonderful photographs of miss Sadie

Name: Marybeth

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BEEP! Beep!
back up and running full speed Flickr Friends!
Sadie waiting for her Grandma
We'll Get Through It Together Thursday!
Sadie Tee 8/10/07
Sadie on the move
Sadie Tee
Sadie Swimming with cousin Sean
Sadie Modeling the Outfit her Grandama(MAJAMOM) go...