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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A return to blogging

I have decided to return to blogging here for the next month . My family finds the Flickr confusing to navigate. I completely understand , as I find all new technical trials- quite challenging.

First order of business-my dear SWAP partnerhttp://www.daciaray.com/ Dacia Ray. I have failed in my swapping duties for the past few months. I am so sorry Dacia.
Having our home turned upside down for tiling and carpeting, painting - has made making order of all things thrifty-impossible for my organizationally challenged self!
Finally, a big box of goodies are off to the post office this week!

I am deeply involved working with Hospice. The creative expression of these experiences are a bit of a conundrum, as all things are confidential. To express without crossing this line is a delicate dance. This blessed experience calls to be shared. The organic process that has grown through my photographs have allowed me to do so thus far and for this, I am forever grateful.

* I see there is now a BETA version of Blogger. I am sure it is more wonderful then this original version; however, I fear, I will press one wrong button and lose everything I have done the past year and a half. If anyone has some solid Blogger information to enlighten me with-PLEASE DO!
I have made the decision to invest in a satellite for Internet high speed. This wont be in place until after the new year; so finding me on FLickr will remain , until I am able to upload my photos to my blog at a reasonable speed

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

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