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Sunday, June 11, 2006


if you read the post prior to my departure for Utah, you know my Dear friend, who invited me, had previously made plans with her daughter who lives in in Tropic , to Attend THE ANNUAL QUILT WALK IN PANQUITCH UTAH!
BLANCH YOUNG- gave a wonderful talk on her Life sharing many of what I am guessing are hundreds of quilts she has created over the course of her 8 decades of life. I tried very hard to take good pictures, but the lighting made it difficult
. The Quilt above is her Tribute Quilt to one of her dearest friends who passed away suddenly. Blanch told the audience "my friends ONLY QUILTING rule was NEVER QUILT IN THE NUDE!-so I quilted myself in the nude and added some of her favoirte thoughts on quilting."

The audience just burst into laughter and applause!
THe other line BLANCH shared ( that stayed in my mind) while telling various humorous quilt stories is " ITS MY QUILT AND I CAN DO WHAT I WANT TO WITH IT!"
What an AMAZING women whos life in her 9th decade is as full of passion, creativity, and adventure as it was in her twenties.
The audience gave her a standing ovation! then scrambled to meet her and get book signatures.
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she had the most wonderful sense of humor~ 
PLEASE jump in and leave any quilting knowledgable...
wish i could have captured much better quality pho...
Pieced together with left over material~ 
I LOVE this one~