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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

sisters sojourn community

I visit "The sisters "blog daily . Linda and Karen, wonderful artists and fun gals. this is my response to the post asking why do older women mind eating alone??
Heya sisters,I have menopausal memory, so i don't know if i will ever figure out which one is which, Is it Linda or Karen? Karen? or Linda? which sister's which??I am generally confused daily as my estrogen plummets, and all other blancing hormones grow more imbalanced.Just re- reading my first six sentneces clarifys the point i am making.O.K. so eating alone. I agree with you , i love to eat what i want when i want; especially in a calm comfortable environment.Most women over sixty lived in the culture of "family meal" as a sacred act. Feeding the family. THe keeper and Godess of the family meeting table. Often the focus of the day to day activities-preparing ,shopping, getting out the recipee cards and getting down to the act of making an preparing the meal. THis was all a part of the rythmn or flow of a family day. When the empty nest occurs it often transforms into a mini-cosm of the previous; however now her vocation is down to the prep for two.I so admire these women like this. Like my 83 yr old mother in law carolyn, who still cans, freezes and jars fresh fruits, veggies and sauces, to nourish her family, neighbors, people at her church.She has always loved this and always will. So, to be in your 60's,living alone may be a bit sad and lonley at meal timeI am ashamed to say , that if i never cooked another thing a day in my life, Id be thrilled!!!!I am working on changing the "ashamed to admit" part of that.MB
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MB April 19, 2005 11:06 AM
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